I started crocheting in college. A friend of mine taught me on a trip to Russia (her grandma taught her right before the trip). My first project was an afghan made with Russian yarn. I then started making beanies for my friends and family. They were a huge hit. It wasn't until I moved to Portland though, that I truly got inspired with the unique designs and styles that make up MairWear today.
     MairWear products are very soft and "itch free". I use a specific brand of yarn that passes the "comfy yet durable" test. Each piece is handmade by me and I take pride in the quality of each item. My ultimate goal is to have MairWear serve a functional purpose but also make the person wearing it feel better about themselves. When I design a new product I always keep those two priorities in the forefront of my mind.
     Being called "The Hat Whisperer" has been one of the best compliments I've ever gotten. I also love it when someone puts on one of my hats, looks in the mirror and their face lights up with joy. People loving what they look like is the best feedback I could ever get!
     Portlanders (and many other people all over the world) wear hats year ¬≠round. I have designed spring/summer styles that will keep a person stylish but not too hot (lacy hats) as well as fall/winter styles that keep you toasty and warm! Bad hair day? No problem. Freezing temps? Gotcha covered. Need a style boost? MairWear has something for everyone.